92years of a zestful life
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Ryuichi, at the age of  1
at the age of 1
3rd year, Jr.High School
3rd year,
Jr. High School
During the Hongo period
During the Hongo period
Illustrating poems
Illustrating poems
Receiving a suit of armor
Receiving a suit of armor
Wearing a beard
Wearing a beard
At his bar at home
At his bar
at home
Traditional Castume
Traditional Costume
In Kochi
In Kochi
With Taizou
With Taizo
1909 0 year old Born on the 17th of May in Sakaimachi, Kochi City, he is the youngest son of a raw silk dealer, Shonosuke, and Masae.
1916 7 years old Enrols in the Kochi Dai-ichi Primary School.
1922 13 years old Enrols in the Kochi Joto Jr.High School(now Otemae High School ).
Joins the swimming club.
1927 18 years old Graduates from the Kochi Joto Jr. High School. Moves to Tokyo the next day.
1928 19 years old Becomes an apprentice to the Tosa born sculptor Motoyama Hakun.
1929 20 years old Contributes to public manga and earns his living as an illustrator.
1932 23 years old Founds the Shin-manga-ha-shudan (present: Manga-shudan) in June.
1936 27 years old Begins the "Edokko Ken-chan" series' publication in the Tokyo Asahi Shinbun in January.
Re-starts the comic under the new name "Yoshi no Fuku-chan" with Fuku-chan as the main character in October.
Makes a movie of "Edokko Ken-chan" with Nakamura Meiko as Fuku-chan in December at the Toho studios.
1938 29 years old "Fuku-chan" is awarded the first Children Culture Prize by the Japan Culture Assiociation.
1939 30 years old The Ministry of Education recommends his illustrated book "Chisana Sencho-san"
1941 32 years old Goes to Manchuria with several Asahi Shinbun journalists, such as Osaragi Jiro and Hayashi Fumiko.
1942 33 years old Enrolls in the army and goes to Java (Indonesia) responsible for writing the news.
1945 36 years old After Japan's defeat, he begins writing again.
Reforms and renames the Shin-manga-ha-shudan as the Manga-shudan.
Publishes "Fuku-chan" in regional newspapers.
1948 39 years old Begins the publication of the "Peko-chan" series in the Mainichi Shinbun.
1949 40 years old Begins the publication of the "Densuke" series in the Mainichi Shinbun.
Publishes "Fuku-chan" as a book.
1950 41 years old "Ryuichi/Taizo brothers exhibition" held at the Mitsukosi department store in Nihonbashi.
Publishes the "Densuke and Fuku-chan" series in the Mainichi Sunday Weekly.
1951 42 years old Goes to San Francisco as a Mainichi Shinbun reporter to cover the Japan Peace Conference.
1955 46 years old Begins the first genuine production of a post war animation film.Completes the production of the short film "Onbu-obake"
1956 47 years old Begins the publication of the "Fuku-chan" series in the Mainichi Shinbun morning edition.
Founds Otogi Production to produce animated film.
1957 48 years old Completes the Otogi Pro manga film "Fukusuke"
Receives the Blue Ribbon Award for "Fukusuke"
1958 49 years old "Fukusuke" wins the Educational Culture Prize at the Mainichi Film Festival.
1959 50 years old Completes the feature length animation film "Hyotan-suzume"
1962 53 years old Completes feature length theatre animation omunibus "Otogi no sekairyoko" . Screened nationwide through Toho.
1966 57 years old Publishes the manga collection "Yuki" and receives the Mainichi Shuppan special prize, a culture award.
1967 58 years old Publishes the essay collection "Fuku-chan zuihitsu"
1971 62 years old The end of "Fuku-chan" with a record 5,534 serialized publications.
1974 65 years old Receives the Shijuhosho. (the Purple Ribbon Medal)
1979 70 years old Publishes the manga collection "Hyaku-baka" and receives the Japan Cartoonists Association's Japan Cartoonist Award.
1981 72 years old Organises the first "Ryuichi Exihibition", showcasing oil and ink paintings.
1982 73 years old The Manga-shudan 50-Year Anniversary Party at the Teikoku Hotel.
From November, the "Anime/Fuku-chan" is televised on Asahi Television. (until March 1984)
1992 83 years old Receives the Ministry of Education Prize.
1993 84 years old Named Honorary Citizen of Yasu Town,Kochi Pref..
1994 85 years old Named Person of Cultural Merit.
1996 87 years old Named Honorary Citizen of Kochi City in April and of Kamakura City in November.
1998 89 years old Designs the "Junshin Ouma" monument for the newly refurbished Harimayabashi waterway.
1999 90 years old The "Onna iroiro ten" exhibition at the Daimaru departement store in Kochi.
Named Person of Artistic Merit at the Waseda University Graduation Ceremony.
Comes to Kochi for the "Yokoyama Ryuichi gengaten" memorial ceremony held at the Kochi Chuo Post Office.
2001 92 years old Dies on the 8th of November.
2002 Opening of the Yokoyama Memorial Manga Museum.
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