Manga Library (It's free to use!)
The 3rd Floor Plan @
The 3rd Floor Plan
The manga library is located right after the entrance to the Museum.
Besides the library there is also the "Manga Kingdom-Tosa area" .
Please have a look at the plan.
Manga Library
The free acces library has books related to Yokoyama Ryuichi or to Art and Culture. History books and manga reviews are also available, as well as books by many other cartoonists from Kochi.
Manga Library
The World of Fuku-chan @
The World of Fuku-chan
You can enter the long running and popular Fuku-chan's world by using the Fuku-chan database ( looking up for characters, periods... ), all about the daily Mainichi Shinbun's manga.
The Animations' Corner
Said to be one of the origins of modern day animation, this is where you can watch films made by Yokoyama Ryuichi's company "Otogi Pro". From humourous films to unique productions, these really were pioneering animated films.
The Animations' Corner
Manga @
This mysterious object was made out of Tosa cedarby Fukuda Shigeoget . If you touch it, you may good at manga ! Well, maybe...
Fuku-chan "Boku Fuku-chan"
The large Fuku-chan statue is located at the entrance to the museum. Shake his hand and he will greet you ! ( by Fukuda Shigeo )
Fuku-chan Object "Boku Fuku-chan"
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